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floor installation mnYou have finally decided to splurge and treat yourself to that brand new floor you have always dreamed of. Perhaps you’re finally going to get that gorgeous hardwood flooring you have always dreamed of or maybe a much needed carpeting upgrade in the family room. Or maybe it is time to have a complete floor makeover throughout the house. All this is a truly exciting time, you may be rather perplexed as to how a new floor will go down without moving the family out.

Where To Place The Furniture When A New Floor Is Installed

In order for your new flooring to be installed throughout the home, all of the furniture and belongings will need to be out of the way. How you plan to accomplish this matter will depend on several aspects. You’ll need to form a specific strategy by beginning with a few questions:

– How large is the new flooring project?

Are you planning on installing new flooring in one room or will it be the entire house. If you simply need to move a kitchen table set to another area of the house, that is one thing. However, if the entire contents of the house will need to be moved, that is a completely different aspect.

– How long is the installation process expected to take?

You’re going to need to consider the average installation time for the project. If you are on a very tight schedule and the furniture needs to be moved quickly, you may have to have a unique strategy in place.

– How large is your home?

If you have a large arise in spare rooms, you will have more options to move furniture around the home as opposed to living in a small efficiency apartment in midtown New York.

– What is your available budget?

When you’re considering moving and possibly storing furniture, it is going to come down between muscle and money. Do you have the ability to move furniture or have people help you move furniture? Are you able to pay an individual to move things? Is it within your budget to rent a storage unit on a temporary basis?

– Does the carpet are hardwood floor installation company move furniture as well?

There are some companies that will move furniture in the cost of the project, however this is not standard practice. If this option is available, it will definitely save you some tired muscles and time. However, you must understand that this will increase the cost of the project.

When you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have enough information available to decide which of the following three strategies for moving your furniture will be best.

– Musical Chairs

In this strategy, you’ll simply be moving your furniture from one room to the other while the flooring is installed. If there are multiple rooms being refloored, this essentially means that there will be a lot of carrying and moving from one room to the other While this is hard work it is one of the best ways to save a considerable amount of money and your furniture will never have to leave the house.

Outdoor Storage

This type of option is only going to work if you have some form about your storage space. In many cases, a garage or shed can be used as a temporary home for your furniture while the floor is being installed. However, it is essential that the area you use is not only secure but waterproof to avoid any damage to your furniture while it is being stored. If so, this is an extremely convenient and easy strategy.

– Short Term Storage

While the renting of a small storage unit may seem like overkill, it is an extremely easy way to make your life simpler. This is especially true if you live in extremely small or you are flooring multiple rooms. Rented storage spaces are not only convenient but they are safe as well. There is no need to constantly shuffle furniture from one room to the other or place your furniture in a possibly unsafe location where it may get ruined. If you’re looking for the simplest strategy, consider hiring an individual or company to move it to the storage unit.