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If you would like to replace the flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, breezeway, or mudroom, luxury-vinyl tile might not feature on the list of materials you may be considering. This also means you probably don’t know about what this type of material has to offer.

1. It’s Versatile

Luxury vinyl tile can easily mimic other materials such as ceramic tile, natural stone, or even hardwood.

2. It Features Range

Luxury vinyl tile is also available in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns.

3. It’s Low Maintenance

There is virtually no maintenance or upkeep when it comes to luxury vinyl tiles. A quick sweep and a damp mop every now and again is all that is needed to keep your flooring in great condition for many years.

4. It’s Comfortable And Soft

Luxury vinyl tile feels very comfortable to walk on. It may even save accidentally dropped glassware or save your joints and your back when standing for long periods of time such as in your kitchen.

5. It’s Warmer

Most of us know how cold it gets in the greater areas, and floor types such as ceramic tile, hardwood, and natural stone become unpleasant to stand or walk on once the temperature starts dropping. Luxury vinyl tile is a warmer alternative to these materials.

6. It’s Virtually Waterproof

Excepting the seams, these tiles are just about waterproof. This provides an excellent choice for areas like your bathroom, mudrooms, or the kitchen where moisture is usually a problem.

7. It Is Resistant To Stains

Luxury vinyl tile is resistant to spills that usually stain other types of materials such as hardwood or ceramic tiles. This is a feature that relates to its resistance to moisture. If the spill cannot absorb or soak in, then it also cannot stain it.

8. It’s Durable

Luxury vinyl tile features a transparent wear layer that takes on most of the brunt of foot traffic. This is a useful feature to resist stains along with usual wear-and-tear. This ensures that your floors look great for many years to come.

9. It’s Extremely Adaptive

It might go by the name of luxury vinyl tiles, yet the shape of these tiles is only one of the ways to use this fantastic flooring. It also comes in planks adding another interesting level of design options. This option works really well when you are trying to achieve a hardwood look.

10. It Matches The Grade

Not every flooring material works with below-grade installations. In layman’s terms, this means flooring that should not be used in a room that is “below ground”. With luxury vinyl tile it is possible to use this material in any of the rooms in your home.

11. It Provides You With Options

In most cases, these tiles come arranged so that they touch before they are glued down. Yet there are other ways to install this type of flooring. You can also space your tiles out, similar to how ceramic tiles are installed, and then use grout between the tiles. This is a unique method to mimic the appeal of ceramic tiles or natural stone. You can also install luxury vinyl as a type of floating floor. This process includes snapping the tiles together like a puzzle. With this method the tiles are not glued down to the surface below.

12. It’s Affordable

Here at Walk on Wood, we really enjoy the visual appeal of stone and hardwood. Yet we also understand that these materials are on the expensive side. With luxury vinyl, you can achieve a luxury look without spending a fortune. Luxury vinyl is the ideal blend of affordability and style.