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The Top Reasons To Replace Your Flooring In The Spring

floor installation mnSpring is a time for renewal, which makes it the perfect time to replace your existing flooring.

As outside temperatures start to rise and sunny days become more frequent, it is only natural to start thinking about fixing up the outside of your house, planting flowers and improving your landscaping. It is also a great time to start sprucing up the inside of your home.

This year, consider taking things a little bit further than your usual spring cleaning. Ask any expert in they will tell you that spring is the perfect time to update the inside of your home. This is particularly true when it comes to upgrading your flooring. Some of the top reasons why this is the ideal season to install new flooring are highlighted below.

Flooring Should Be Installed When Temperatures Are Mild And Humidity Levels Are Low

With the freezing temperatures of winter behind you and the hot, humid days of summer far in the future, spring is the ideal time to put in a new floor.

Flooring materials need time to acclimate to their surroundings before they are installed. This is particularly true when it comes to wood flooring. That means that the flooring needs to adjust to the indoor temperature and humidity levels before it can be installed. If it doesn’t properly acclimate to its environment, issues can occur after it is in place.

There are a couple of reasons why giving your flooring time to adjust is important – especially when it comes to wood flooring. If wood floors don’t completely acclimate to their environment before they are installed, the following problems can occur:

– Dry winter air can cause wood flooring to dry out, as well. As it does, it can shrink. This can cause the seams between the boards to pull away from each other. It also can cause the flooring itself to crack.

– Wood flooring that came from an environment with high temperatures and poorly controlled humidity levels could easily dry out. By allowing the flooring to adjust to the interior environment before it is installed, problems are far less likely to occur.

Fewer Problems With Fumes

The Importance Of Proper Ventilation When Installing Flooring

Having good ventilation is essential anytime you put in new flooring. Being able to open up the windows during the installation process can make a big difference in how clean the air stays in your home. Any fumes from adhesives, sealers, or stains can quickly dissipate, resulting in better indoor air quality.

Lower Power Bills

When new flooring is being installed, the doors to your house will probably be opened and closed many times. During the spring, this isn’t an issue. As the installers carry the old flooring out one door, the new flooring can be carried in through the other. If workers are constantly running in and out to grab tools or supplies, it isn’t a big deal. The same can’t be said for trying to install flooring during the winter. Imagine how hard it would be to keep your home comfortable on a cold winter day if the door was constantly being opened. Your heating bill could quickly skyrocket. The same goes for a hot summer day. Your air conditioner would have to work a lot harder if the door was continually being opened and closed.

Installing flooring in the spring is ideal since problems are less likely to occur. The flooring itself has an easier time acclimating to the indoor environment. Since outdoor temperatures are comfortable and the humidity levels are relatively low, the odds of problems occurring during the installation process are slim. Another great thing about putting in new floors during this time of the year is that they will be installed well before all of the summertime holidays and events get underway.