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hardwood flooring mnWhether you are planning on renovating a commercial or residential space, solid hardwood flooring is amongst the most reliable and visually appealing options. It is known to provide a more permanent look and feel to the interiors and has been one of the most preferred flooring options for hundreds of years,

In addition to tradition, here are 9 reasons why you should choose solid hardwood flooring for your next project:

1. Timeless quality

Many types of floors tend to look worn and tired with time. However, if you have hardwood floors installed, they will continue looking beautiful years later. In fact, they will become even more valuable with time. It is also worth noting that hardwood floors can be refinished instead of being replaced in case the finish needs to be updated unlike carpets and vinyl.

2. Easy to clean

Solid hardwood floors are amongst the easiest floors to clean since they don’t accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, or debris. They only require a weekly cleaning that involves moping, vacuuming and keeping the floor dry. It’s that easy.

3. High-quality look

Apart from the stylish and luxurious aesthetic, hardwood floors also provide the value, warmth, and beauty of wood. What’s more, these properties never go out of style. Also, hardwood floors have been said to make wherever they are installed look more spacious.

4. Strength and durability

High-quality hardwood floors can serve your property for generations if they are dried in a kiln, manufactured, installed, and finished according to modern standards. Quality hardwood floors have long term durability, are tough, hard-wearing and they have the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and active workspaces.

5. A great long-term investment

When you choose hardwood floors for your property, you significantly increase its value. It is a viable long-term investment and you can use it as a strong resale feature, which can help you to recoup and gain a profit from the initial cost of installing the floors. Hardwood floors are some of those features that help to sell a property faster, which fetches you higher prices during resale.

6. Variety

Hardwood floors are available in a wide range of appearances. You can choose from the many styles, stains, colors, and species available. Also, you can choose between unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors. Regardless of how unique and diverse your flooring needs are, you will find a hardwood flooring option that best suits you.

7. Better acoustics

With a hardwood floor that is properly installed, you will never experience hollow sounds or vibrations.

8. Healthy indoor air quality

If you are looking for a healthy flooring option, then hardwood floors are the best for you. Since they have no grout lines, fibers, or embossing, the hardwood floors do not trap dust, particles, pollen, animal dander, or allergen, which is the case with carpets. If you or a household member suffers allergies then this is the best choice as it promotes healthier indoor air quality.

9. Simple installation process for those with experience

Quality hardwood floors are uniquely made to ensure a uniform and sturdy fit. One crucial factor to consider here though is deciding between unfinished and finished hardwood floors.