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carpet mnAre you looking for a new floor covering option? Well, with so many options available in the market, you might have a hard time deciding on the best one. For instance, if you are deciding between hardwood and carpeting options, you might be stuck in a dilemma.

You might be wondering if it’s more advantageous having carpeted floors compared to any other hard surfaces. Yes, every option has its own pros and cons. However, here are the benefits of carpeted floors that you need to know and consider.

1. Style

Over the last few years, hardwood floors have become quite popular, being featured on many interior design magazines. However, carpet still stands out for many reasons. It brings out a different feel in your space such as luxurious, casual, elegant or comfy.

You can change your carpets to bring out the new feel. For instance, if you are looking for a casual look, you should consider a short-pile patterned carpet for the best look.

2. Comfort

If you spend a lot of time walking or standing on concrete floors or ceramic tiles, your body starts feeling achy and sore. As the name suggests, hard surfaces are hard. They don’t offer a lot of flexibility underfoot. Therefore, they will not act as shock absorbers for your footsteps.

Therefore, if you walk across a hard surface floor, your body will feel a little jolt when you take a step. That’s because your body will absorb the force of your impact instead of the floor. Well, carpets are completely different. When walking on them, you will feel very nice and comfortable.

Even better, you can sit on them and lay down without any worries. Carpets have a better shock absorption because they have good cushioning and flexibility. With under-padding, the effect becomes much better. You can spend a lot of time on your carpets without any aches to your body.

3. Warmth

Compared to hard surface flooring options, carpets provide a lot of insulation to any space. A recent study revealed that thicker carpets have a higher insulation factor regardless of the type of fiber used on the carpet. The under-padding also has its own insulation value.

The combined use of carpets and their under-padding provides additional insulation so the value doubles. By reducing heat loss in your home, carpets can help you save on the heating costs for your home, whether natural gas or electricity. If you live in a region with cold winters, the total amount will result in huge savings every year.

4. Health

There’s a huge debate on whether having carpeted floors will alleviate or aggravate health problems such as allergies and asthma. For a long time, people with respiratory problems were told to avoid carpeted floors and use hardwood floors instead.

However, numerous studies over the last few years have identified that carpeted floors are actually very beneficial compared to hardwood floors or any other hard surfaces, especially for people with respiratory problems.

5. Quiet

Sound carries further when there are no carpeted floors. If you have ever been in a room with no carpeting, you should have noticed that the sound often bounced off the walls creating an echo. Hard surfaces can’t absorb sounds compared to soft surfaces. With a carpet, you can enjoy a quieter space.

6. Safety

Hard surfaces are known to be slippery. They are also more painful after slip and falls. Well, if you fall on a carpeted floor, you can enjoy the soft landing. They are ideal for baby’s rooms. Even better, they can be used to prevent falls in the first place, especially on stairs.

Hardwood floors bring out a safety concern especially with there being young and elderly people in the house. Note that, both of these people have mobility issues. That’s why you need to use the right type of carpet in your home to prevent slip and falls.

In conclusion, with all these benefits of carpets mentioned, you should install one in your home today!