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Add New Carpeting To Your Home To Combat Cold Winter Temperatures

By October 29, 2019Carpeting MN

carpet installation MNGetting out of a warm, cozy bed is hard enough during the winter. When the floors around your bed are cold, however, working up enough motivation to step onto them is practically impossible. One challenge many people face is figuring out how to keep their utility bills from skyrocketing during the winter while still staying warm. One of the best options is to install carpeting.

Carpeting Provides A Warmer, More Comfortable Surface To Walk On

Installing carpeting or adding area rugs to your floor is one of the best ways to warm up your home during the winter. Plush carpeting is not only warm and comfortable to walk on but it also helps insulate your home. In fact, researchers have found that adding carpeting could reduce the heat loss associated with hardwood floors by as much as 10%.

The pad underneath your carpet also plays a role in how effectively it insulates your home. If you have areas that are particularly cold, you may want to experiment with placing an area rug on top of your existing carpeting.

Tips For Selecting Warm Carpeting And Carpet Pads

– Carpeting that has a high stitch count will do a better job of insulating your home against cold temperatures than carpeting with a lower stitch count. As a bonus, it also will feel softer when you walk on it.

– Check the R-factor of the carpet pad. R-values are used to rate the insulative properties of different materials. Most carpet padding usually falls somewhere in the range of R-0.2 and R-2. To figure the total amount of insulation you can expect from your new flooring, add the R-value of the pad to the R-value of the carpet.

– The experts at Walk On Wood can help you choose the perfect carpeting and pad for your home based on the condition of your floors and the recommendations of the companies that manufacture the materials.

Create A Warm Haven Against Winter Weather With New Carpeting

If you are ready to create a warmer, more comfortable home this winter, reach out to us here at Walk on Wood. We have many different varieties and brands of carpeting available and are happy to provide free cost estimates. To find out more about our services or to learn about any promotions we are currently running, call us today.