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Refinishing hardwood floors is not a simple DIY project. It doesn’t need to be rocket-science, but it should be taken seriously. You or a professional should take care of your hardwood floors regularly if you want it to look good for many years. It is recommended to protect your hardwood floors after you install them in a new home. The right maintenance and care can help you make the most of your investment.

You should consider hiring hardwood floor refinishing professionals for many reasons. It is essential to have quality work completed. If you don’t protect the surface, it will be damaged in a short time. If you maintain your hardwood floors regularly, refinishing them can last for years. You should have a plan in place to maintain your hardwood floors so that they look appealing and new.

When to Sand or not to Sand?

When it comes to hardwood flooring restoration, there are several options. The professionals can use a more aggressive method to sand floors that are badly scratched. This is the “sandless” method that we use in the wood flooring industry. It is the best option for floors that do not require sanding. You should have a professional sandless look at your floor to determine if the sandless method will work for you. You could save a lot of money if you first consult a sandless service. It’s not always necessary to sand. One of the main reasons why homeowners should hire professional refinishing service early on is that they want to protect their floors from deep scratches, which can occur over time and require sanding. Sanding hardwood floors literally shears layers of wood in order to reach the deeper scratches. Sanding hardwood flooring is a last-resort option and should only be used for severely damaged floors if it’s not necessary.

Sanding may be necessary

Hardwood floors that are damaged and have been exposed to the elements over time, but not protected by a professional sander will need to be refinished. A professional sanding or plank replacement can be used to restore water damaged floors. A leaking pipe or defective equipment can cause water damage. Professionals have the necessary tools and knowledge to remove all types of water damage. A professional will ensure that the sanding is done evenly and thoroughly. Sanding hardwood floors can be the best solution in some situations.

The Right Equipment for DIY Hardwood Floor Finishing

If you want to do the work yourself, it is important to determine if you have the proper equipment and if a sandless finish would be appropriate. Some hardware stores rent out equipment by the day, so you don’t need to buy anything new to do the job. Do-it-yourselfers should check what chemicals work best with the hardwood they have. Learn the process of preparing your floor, including how to remove any old residue.

Many homeowners have the mistaken belief that sanding old finishes or waxes that have built up with time is absolutely essential. It is not true. A professional hardwood flooring refinisher like Walk on Wood Inc. can use a sandless technique in many cases to restore minor scratches and scuffs. Walk on Wood Inc. is a specialist in restoring hardwood floors using the sandless technique. They offer a free, no-obligation quote.

Walk on Wood Inc. can bring back the deep rich colors & shine

You will see a huge difference in the color of your floor when you choose a sandless technique. Let your floors dry before moving heavy furniture or doing other activities that require heavy traffic. This will allow the wood to absorb the new finish.

Refinishing hardwood floors can seem daunting. With proper planning and preparation a professional sandless hardwood floor refinishing should take minimal time. You can ask any questions to Walk on Wood Inc. if you’re still not sure how to start your refinishing. The staff will be glad to answer your questions and show you how the process works. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful, durable floor in no time.