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There are many steps that go into a successful home renovation. From budgeting to selecting paint colors to choosing materials and finishes to planning layouts and hiring professionals to install hardwood flooring, it can take a long time to complete a project. Did you know you should consider the season when planning your home improvement projects? Ask yourself, “When is it best to install hardwood flooring?” to protect your investment.

The temperature can influence when to do certain projects. Fall is the best time to install hardwood flooring if you are planning a renovation of your home and need new flooring.

Moisture during Spring and Summer

Even though hardwood flooring can be installed at any time of the year, cooler temperatures in the fall are ideal, especially if your climate is particularly humid. Wood absorbs moisture just like any organic or natural material. Installation of hardwood floors in summer or spring can cause your floors to be distorted because these seasons are characterized by high humidity. The fall is the best time to install hardwood flooring because of the crisp, cool weather.

Your home loses moisture in winter

Winter is not a good time to install hardwood floors. This is because of the drying effects of heating units and the lower levels of moisture. The floorboards could be pulled apart if your hardwood floor absorbs moisture during installation and then dries up in the winter. The cupping effect is the term used to describe this damage.

Installation of hardwood floors in the fall minimizes this effect. Installing hardwood floors in the fall will reduce the risk of the floors absorbing moisture. The dry air from your heaters won’t have much of an effect on wooden planks.

Adhesives used in Hardwood Flooring Installation: Ideal Temperatures

In order to install hardwood floors, adhesives are often used. Many of these adhesives require that the temperature in your home be between 70o-80o. Air conditioning in summer will likely take your home out of this temperature range. In winter, lower temperatures may prevent hardwood flooring from drying and adhering.

Hardwood floors will bring warmth, beauty, and elegance to your home. Schedule your hardwood flooring this fall to impress your extended family for Thanksgiving dinner.