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floor tile minneapolisTiles rival most types of hard-surface flooring for their sheer versatility, durability and hygiene and recently even outweighed hardwood flooring as the most popular flooring choice. So if you are choosing new flooring for your home, you need to know what the top trends for tiles in 2019 are.

1. Imitation Wood Ceramic Tiles

Vinyl and laminate flooring that imitates wood has long been a popular choice for flooring as an alternative to the expensive, natural option. This type of imitation wood flooring is now available in ceramic tiles that comes in different shapes, styles and tones to suit the style of any home and personal preferences of every home owner. Although these types of tiles have been around for a decade or so, their rise in popularity has made them one of the top trends for 2019.

2. Marble Tiles

Those big slabs of marble tiles are back in for interior design and are especially trending for covering large floor spaces such as open plan living, dining and kitchen areas. Marble is also currently very trendy for bathrooms both on floors and walls. Mosaic layouts are a popular choice instead of regular or standard settings.

Marble can however be a very expensive option and in the same way that imitation wood ceramic tiles are trending, faux marble tiles provide a more affordable, trendy flooring option. So don’t be concerned about checking out cultured, ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been designed to emulate real marble for your floors.

3. 50 Shades Of Grey

Grey is still the “it” color for interior design in 2019 and this is no different when it comes to your floor tiles. So whether you are opting for the darker shade of grey like slate to cover your floors or a lighter tone to make a space look and feel even bigger, you simply can’t go wrong when integrating grey tiles into your home. Grey complimented with white and a splash of a bright color here and there is the ultimate interior design trend this year.

However, this said, blonde seems to also be making a comeback so whether you are choosing marble or imitation wood tiles, going the lighter blonde route rather than the darker brunette option will ensure that you are staying ahead of the current grey trend.

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