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flooring options mnThere are always new flooring materials being developed, designs being created and new trends adopted by homeowners and commercial business owners. What are the latest flooring trends in 2019? The word is that medium brown tones for hardwood flooring is what people really seemed to be going after in 2018. Then there were the tile flooring solutions that looked like wood. What’s new in 2019?

Flooring imperfections are all of the sudden aesthetically pleasing, to a degree. That doesn’t necessarily mean an older floor with issues is going to be considered gorgeous. Let’s take the knots on hardwood flooring for example. That would be one instance of homeowners appreciating imperfections. It’s happening more and more, and this didn’t start in 2019. It was a 2018 trend that has continued to increase in popularity.

Have you heard of fumed wood flooring? It is becoming more and more popular, too, and that is due to its stronger color and grain. And get this, the fumed wood flooring solutions that are available aren’t even stained. They don’t have to be, and that’s just another one of the great benefits of this type of material. The color of these planks actually comes from an ammonia fuming process.

What about that beachwood look? The bleached and blanched woods are certainly coming into style. They are being popularized when it comes to furniture, too. Your floor isn’t going to look like a shipwreck. It’s going to look gorgeous! That soft, white-washed look is in style, and perhaps it would make a great flooring solution for your home.

Distressed wood is also quite popular in general, and you have quite a few options. Along with distressed wood flooring comes another interesting option, concrete tiles. Have you seen the concrete tiles? Then there is patterned wood flooring. There are so many different types of solutions, and you’re going to enjoy taking a look around.

If it is time to redo the floors in your home, you have quite a few trends to check out for 2019. Many of them have already been introduced, and you can bet that the rest of the year is going to bring even more style ideas and new flooring products. Take a look at what’s out there, and you will see all kinds of new flooring designs. See what type of unique flooring solution you come up with for your home.