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Inlays and Borders for Hardwood Flooring

By February 28, 2022Inlays and Borders

Hardwood inlay design transforms those beautiful hardwood floors into works of art

Using finely-crafted hardwood veneers, an artisan fashions a design pattern for breathtaking designs and borders that can be incorporated into your existing hardwood floors or added to a brand-new installation. From a simple contrast feature strip that frames the room to a factory-produced intricate design, borders come in an array of styles.

The floors of older, upscale homes are often adorned with hardwood inlays. But you don’t have to own an old house or be wealthy to add beautiful accents to your hardwood flooring. Walk on Wood creates custom inlays that suit your home’s decor.

Custom-Crafted Floor Inlays

Floor inlays were once an expensive art form reserved for the most opulent of homes. What exactly is an inlay? You have likely seen an inlay if you have ever seen detailed designs within hardwood flooring. Various types and colors of wood are used to form these designs, which are then embedded into the hardwood flooring once it is installed. Some hardwood floors are updated by adding thin inlays over existing hardwood. Common inlay designs include:

  • Detailed room borders: Unlike traditional floor borders, these floor inlays include intricate, detailed scenes and patterns. It is not uncommon to find flowers, leaves, ropes, ribbons, or twists used just as borders or incorporated into them.
  • Circle details: Commonly found in entryways and the center of rooms, inlays attract attention with their stunning patterns and designs. A star inlay, a compasses or a circle is an example of an inlay.
  • Large designs: These floors often feature hardwood inlays. A repeated pattern on a wall or a mural on the floor is not uncommon in a room. When you use an inlay like this, you don’t need a rug – the floor does it all for you!

Inlays aren’t the only option you have just because they’re often used in these ways. With Walk on Wood, you can create a hardwood floor that reflects your style while maintaining this traditional art form.

Considering Floor Inlays

There are a lot of inlay components available at big box lumber and home improvement stores, so why consider a custom design? Investing in hardwood flooring is a lifetime investment, which means it can last through the lifetime of your house if properly installed and maintained. Installing flooring styles that you sincerely love makes sense with that kind of lasting power.

Walk on Wood specializes in creating inlays that are high-quality, personalized, based on your interests and vision. Our inlay pieces are tailored specifically for your home, as opposed to mass-produced inlay pieces. You can’t get that kind of service anywhere else.

Furthermore, our hardwood installation team ensures that our custom creations are installed correctly. The process of installing inlays is not for the do-it-yourself weekend warrior or handyman as it requires some finesse and precision. As with the design, inlay work requires a detailed knowledge of installation, and it is our goal to use the most effective installation methods to create hardwood art.

Choosing A Provider for Floor Inlays

With Walk on Wood, you can combine knowledge of hardwood flooring with the element of design, giving you the best options for hardwood floor inlays. Creating custom inlays to fit your vision is what our design team excels at. Furthermore, we use superior installation techniques to ensure your hardwood flooring is properly seated. Would you like a specific inlay design, or are you wondering what we can customize for you? Give us a call for more information.