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Homeowners make decisions every day, including choosing a hardwood or vinyl floor for their home. You will have a better choice for the type of flooring you install if you have more knowledge about it. If you are shopping online or in a store, you need to pay attention to four factors: sheen, texture, shade, and size. It is not only helpful to understand what type of hardwood or vinyl flooring you need, but it also helps you achieve the outcome you want. What are these four areas, then?

1. Sheen

The sheen of flooring also varies, just like paint. In hardwood flooring, there are four sheen levels to consider: matte, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy. Matte finishes can offer a natural aesthetic and hide imperfections caused by wear and tear. In addition to adding a touch of glossiness, satin hardwood floor coatings can still hide scratches. Semi-gloss finishes give you the shine you desire and are popular in between matte and glossy finishes. It will reflect much more light off the floors and show more imperfections if the finish is glossy.

2. Texture

It is important to consider the texture of your flooring when choosing the style and dimensions you desire. We are going to look at the top four texture options. Smooth textures offer a classic appearance. Although it enhances a room’s beauty, it is prone to showing scratches easily. For a more casual look, choose a hand-scraped texture. It comes in subtle or extreme variations. The distressed texture gives off an antique look and often makes the floor look worn and lived in. Distressed floors add interest without being overbearing. When choosing between smooth and hand-scraped, it is the better choice.

3. Shade

Dark or light? Hot or cold tones? It is important to take into account all of these factors when choosing the shade of your hardwood or vinyl flooring. Choosing the right shade also depends on the furniture, lighting, and wall color. In order to create an open and sunnier feeling, you might choose a lighter shade of flooring. To create a more dramatic effect, you should go with a darker shade. Would you like a calm, cool environment?

You can steer in that direction by choosing a gray shade. Choose the right flooring shade for your home based on the elements in your home.

4. Size

Hardwood and vinyl floors come in a variety of sizes. If you want a consistent, clean look, stick to panels of the same width. Select a few panels of different sizes mixed together if you want to add more interest and character. You should consider your home’s existing ambience when selecting the flooring size.

You can use these four areas as a guide when choosing hardwood or vinyl flooring. Before selecting your hardwood floors, look at different textures, shades, and sheens at different hardwood flooring suppliers. In the end, you will be satisfied because you slowed down the process.