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wood flooring mnIf you are a property owner and need to have wood floors installed on the property, then you need to pay an immediate visit to our company Walk On Wood. We do the best wood floor designs and wood installation that lasts for years. Installation of wooden floors can be quite challenging and most people tend to have a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, how long does it take to install a new wooden floor, etc?

Below are the factors that determine the amount of installation time.

The Method Of Installation.
If your floor has particular patterns and structures to be followed during the floor installation it will make it very complex. This means the more complex the installation method, the longer it is going to take. If for example, you choose inlays or mixed width, this process may take longer because there is more planning and pre-planning so as to ensure the whole process is a success.

Flooring Type
The type of flooring you choose is going to be a major factor to determine the time spent during the installation of your wood floor. Is your floor unfinished hardwood or prefinished hardwood? As the names suggest you need to go for prefinished hardwood. This is because as the name states it comes in a complete package with finishes. It saves a day or two that could have been spent at the end of the installation process for drying your floors or even doing finishing that is required.

Acclimation Time For The Floor
All woods may it be unfinished or prefinished they all need acclimation time. Acclimation is the process where the wood becomes accustomed to the surrounding environment. Acclimation is an important factor to the installation equation, all woods have different acclimation time. If you want to achieve the best results don’t rush the process. If the right amount of time of acclimation is given to various woods being used for the flooring then it guarantees that your floor is going to last longer.

The Subfloors Shape.
Subfloors is the beneath foundation of the flooring materials. Subfloors have to be in the right structure for wood flooring to commence immediately. If your subfloors are not in the right position for the right installation of the new floors, they will have to be adjusted so as to fit in properly and to ensure that the installation is done to perfection.

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