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bordersYou can upgrade your wood flooring to add a unique feature without spending a fortune.

The borders are the perfect addition to any wooden floor. Borders add personality and style without having to commit to a bold color or design that you might regret later. You can make them as subtle or as bold as you want, while still adding an individual touch. The goal is to give a wood floor a little more personality.

What does a wooden floor border mean?

Wood floor borders are a common decorative element. A strip of wood or an intricate pattern is used to run around the perimeter.

Mahogany or walnut are also suitable for insert strips.  If you really want to make a statement, and give your floor a more striking look, then use metals like stainless steel or aluminum.

After selecting a material you will need to decide on the style you prefer and what best fits your space. There are many options.

Different types wood floor borders

Wood floor borders are available in a variety of styles to suit your space.

A keyline border is the most popular option because it’s subtle and elegant. It works well in most rooms. The border is a single line that runs around the perimeter.

You can also choose the tramline, which uses strips in combination to give it a more bold and sophisticated appearance. The name comes from the fact that it resembles a ‘tramline’.

You can also install a decorative edge if you want to go all out. You can choose a pattern to match your wooden flooring.

How do you install a wooden floor border

Fitting is a process that requires experience and skill. It is best to hire a professional flooring contractor to help you rather than try to do it on your own.

It is recommended that borders be installed when installing a brand new hardwood floor, rather than added to an existing floor.

It is a process that is similar to installing a wood floor, but there are fewer steps. Before any flooring can be installed, the border must be designed. This means choosing a color and a type of wood as well as the distance you want it to have from the wall. The border needs to be marked throughout the entire room.

Install a backing board along the edge of the border in order to prevent it from moving during installation.

Installing the feature strip is easy. You can install the full-width board, blind-nail or cut it to the desired width. Then face-nail in place.

It is best to sandwich the border board between two boards of similar orientation for a nice finish. The feature strip is kept clean by keeping the field board end joints off.

What is the best time to use a wooden floor border?

You should consider carefully whether you need to border your wood floor before making your decision. It will affect the look of your room and only cost a few cents.

The dark border is a great contrast to the lighter flooring. It can be used on any surface, but is commonly seen in large spaces and hallways.

Parquet floors are often accompanied by borders. They are even necessary if you are installing the pattern in multiple rooms. This is because the walls of adjacent rooms are not always perfectly straight. A border allows you to continue the pattern into the next without straying from the wall.