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Wood floors are preferred by many people over other flooring options. Wood floors add a natural look to a room and are strong and durable. Some people are reluctant to have wood floors, as they don’t want the hassle of maintaining them. Wood floors can be easily stained or scratched, requiring homeowners to spend more money to restore their beauty. There are some tricks and hacks you can use to keep your wood floors looking beautiful without spending a lot of money or doing too much work.

1. Your flat iron is probably what you use to smoothen your shirts. You can also use your flat iron to smoothen out wood floors. Use the iron to flatten the dents. Wood furniture can be treated the same way. To get the best results, you might try your skills with a small sample.

2. To protect your feet when you walk around your house, socks are a common item. You might not realize that socks can also be used to protect your floors. To avoid scratching your floors, place socks on the legs and feet of chairs and tables that you are moving around.

3. Permanent marker traces can be removed with toothpaste. Use a little toothpaste to clean your wood floor. You can remove scratches from your floors with a magic eraser.

4. Baby powder can be used to fix creaky floors. This powder can be used to dust the floors so it penetrates into the cracks. This will prevent them from creaking by filling these cracks.

5. Are your floors scratched or scuffed? These scratches can be minimized with some canola oil.

6. Chemical cleaning products can be very harsh and are often used by many people. These cleaners should be replaced with black tea. For long-term protection, however, it is worth using an approved floor cleaner.

Wood floors are not to be avoided. They are stylish and beautiful. These hacks will help you keep your hardwood floors in top condition. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for hardwood floor maintenance or get professional assistance.